TriboSys™ 3204

General Keyboard Lubricant

TriboSys 3204 General Keyboard Lubricant is a high performance, middle viscosity lubricant grease designed to provide superior smoothness and long-term performance in tactile/linear switch applications. Users looking for the highest performing and most durable keyboard lubricants rely upon TriboSys 3204 to decrease switch force and provide smooth, reliable performance. This next-generation fully synthetic grade 0 lubricant provides the friction reduction of an oil, with the ease of application and cleanliness of a grease. Benefits include:

  • Ideal for tactile and linear keyboards
  • Superior Lubrication and Ease of application
  • Significant reduction in switch force and sound
  • Smooth, dependable actuation

Utilization of TriboSys 3204 provides optimal lubrication, reduces wear,  minimizes undesirable sounds and maintains key switch feel and recoil. TriboSys 3204 also has additional benefits of being inert, non-migrating, stable, and durable. These properties of the TriboSys 3204 allow it to act as a lube for life, superior insulation, and zero chance of creating a short within the circuit board, controller, or other components.

Why does TriboSys 3204 increase the performance of my keys?

The reason keyboard enthusiasts do not like the feel of their new keyboard is due to the imperfections in the molding process of the keys themselves. Rough edges and irregular shapes at a microscopic level generate high friction, undesirable noise, and irregular “feel” to the switches. Over time, these imperfections are worn-away, and the keys perform how they were designed to both tactilely and acoustically. TriboSys 3204 works because it lubricates and fills-in these imperfections, generating a uniform, low friction surface for the keys slide on. As a result, from day one the keyboard will perform ideally like it is already broken in. This eliminates the need to buy used keyboards with indeterminate lifespan left on it. TriboSys will improve performance, increase component life and provide lifetime protection to your valuable investment.  This is especially useful for end users who have a high level of repetition on keys, such as PC gamers. 5.0 mL of TriboSys 3204 will lubricate roughly 250 keys. For optimal performance the lubricant should be spread thinly and uniformly, in this instance less is more.