TriboSys™ 3203

Tactile Switch Lubricant

TriboSys 3203 Tactile Switch Lubricant is a our lowest viscous keyboard lubricant, providing the great ease of use and application versus higher viscosity grades.  Like all of switch lubricants, TriboSys 3203 delivers exceptions lubricity and smoothness to new keyboards allowing them to feel broken-in immediately.  Ideal for tactile and ‘clicky’ keyboards, TriboSys substantial reduces friction and undesirable audible noise. TriboSys 3203 utilizes ultra-thin lubricant films and a very low viscosity, this allows users to have smoothness without the loss of tactile feel sometimes observed with higher viscosity lubricants. Benefits include:

  • Lowest viscosity lubricant 
  • Easiest and most forgiving lubricant to apply
  • Exceptional smoothness while maintaining highest tactile feel
  • Significant reduction in undesirable audible noise

TriboSys 3203 improves key actuation and recoil, extends component life and allow users to extract the highest performance from their high-end keyboards and switches. TriboSys 3203 is a lube for life product offering superior insulation, and no fear of creating a short within the circuit board, controller, or other components.

Why does TriboSys 3203 increase the performance of my keys?

The reason enthusiasts do not like their new keyboards/switches is to the imperfections in the molding process of the keys, these imperfections great significant friction and noise. Over time, these imperfections are worn-away, and the keys perform how they were designed to both tactilely and acoustically. TriboSys 3203 works because it smoothes out these imperfections and deposit a ultra-thin lubricant film significant decreasing friction and undesirable sliding noises. As a result, from day one the keyboard will perform ideally like it is already breaking in. This eliminates the need to buy used keyboards with indeterminate lifespan left on it. TriboSys will improve performance, protection, and allow more even wear of the keys to ultimately extend the life of the key switches. This is especially useful for end users who have a high level of repetition on keys, such as PC gamers. 5 mL of TriboSys 3203 will lubricate roughly 250 keys. It is critical that the lubricant be spread thinly and uniformly.