Krytox™ GPL 205 Grade 0

Tactile Keyboard Lubricant

Krytox GPL 205 grade 0 is an ultra-high performance, thin-film lubricant designed advanced users of switch/keyboard lubricants. Krytox GPL 205 grade 0 is our most viscous of the keyboard grease offering superior lubricity, film strength and durability. The higher viscosity grease allows the lowest levels of applied grease to be used while still maintaining significant reductions in friction and audible sound. The high viscosity also provides a stronger cushion of lubricant for the switch to travel over generating the smoothest and most linear feel to the keys. Krytox GPL 205 grade 0 is also ideal for lubricating key stabilizers and linear switches. Novice lubricators should consider the our lower viscosity grades such as the TriboSys 3203 or TriboSys 3204, as it is more viscous and easier to work with.

  • Superior Lubrication and Friction reduction
  • Smoothest and most consistent tactile feel
  • Ideal for Key Stabilizers and Linear Switches
  • Suited for advanced users

The GPL 205 grade 0 allows optimal lubrication while maintaining and improving the way the key switches are supposed to feel and sound. GPL 205 grade 0 also has additional benefits of being non-migrating, stable, and durable. These properties of the GPL 205 grade 0 allow it to act as a lube for life, superior insulation, and no fear of creating a short within the circuit board, controller, or other components.

Why does GPL 205 grade 0 increase the performance of my keys?

GPL 205 grade 0 works because it normalizes imperfections in the switch that cause unfavorable friction, sticking and scratching sounds. Krytox GPL 205 grade 0 fills-in and smooths-out these imperfections, yielding switches which feel crispy, responsive, and smooth. This is especially useful for end users who have a high level of repetition on keys, such as PC gamers. 5 mL of TriboSys 3203 will lubricate roughly 250 keys. It is critical that the lubricant be spread thinly and uniformly.